Suit Filed To Re-Open Estate

Mrs. Marcella Hockman Claims to be Common Law Wife of Dr. W.L. Cole

Alleging that she was the common law wife of Dr. W.L. Cole, who died six years ago, Mrs. Marcella Groover Hockman, of Indianapolis, Indiana, has filed a suit in the Oakland county Probate Court to re-open the estate and that she be granted her interest as the surviving widow of the deceased.

Frank E. Groover and wife Bessie Groover are joined in a suit with Mrs. Hockman in Circuit Court asking that a mortgage upon their home given to Dr. Cole, and now claimed to be the property of Frank Olive and being foreclosed, be discharged upon the grounds that this mortgage had been assigned by Dr. Cole to Mrs. Hockman, but that after the death of Dr. Cole the assignment papers could not be found among the effects of the deceased and had never been recorded.

During the administration of the estate of Dr. Cole, no claim had been made by Dr. Hockman that she was the widow of the deceased, the only heir being a son Cyril L. Cole, of Denver, Colorado, who received the $30,000 estate, and who is made a party defendant in the suit now pending. Mrs. Hockman alleges that she became the common law wife of Dr. Will L. Cole, May 5th, 1926, about eighteen months before he died. Claimant demands one third of the estate.

Source: Oxford Leader, March 16, 1934.

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