A Young Girl’s Suicide.

Disappointed in Love She Shoots and Kills Herself With a Revolver.

A young woman, or rather girl, suddenly ended her existence by her own hand at the home of her parents at Tappantown, this morning. Her name was Edith Burrows, and she was the 16 year old daughter of Mr. Alex. Burrows who keeps a hotel at that point.

Her parents about 11 o’clock this morning were alarmed by the sound of a pistol shot, and hurrying up-stairs, found their daughter, fully dressed, and lying across her bed. The revolver was by her side, and the hole in the bosom of her dress told where the bullet had entered.

Dr. Cuddeback was immediately summoned and made an examination of the wound. His trained eye at once saw that the girl was beyond human aid, and that she was dying. The bullee [sic] had passed through her left lung and she slowly bled to death, dying one hour after the injury was inflicted.

The unfortunate girl left a letter to a young railroad man named Allie Davis, with whom she was keeping company, bidding him good-bye and intimating she had cause for the deed. It is needless to state that her parents are greatly prostrated over the sudden and tragic ending of the life of their favorite daughter.

Justice of the Peace, Sanford Nearpass, of Montague township, has the case in charge and will hold an inquest. The girl was good-looking and well-built and was well-known at Carpenter’s Point and also in Port Jervis.

Source: Port Jervis Evening Gazette, April 21, 1891.

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