Harmon Now Wants The Scalp Of Dr. Rorick

Ignoring Board of Trustees Wrote To Rorick For Resignation.


Dr. Rorick Had Given His Resignation To the Board of Trustees on March 10th, to Become Effective Whenever They Or the Governor Saw Fit to Make a Change—Place Hunters Must Be Appeased.

Athens, O., May 20.—Governor Harmon has written a letter to Dr. E.H. Rorick, superintendent of the Athens State Hospital here, asking for his resignation. Dr. Rorick, however, had handed in his resignation to the board of trustees under the date of March 10, the same to take effect whenever the powers that be so decided that they wanted his office to hand out to some place hunter.

Governor Harmon in writing directly to Dr. Rorick, has utterly ignored his board of trustees, and has set a new policy in contrast to that of several of the recent chief executives who have placed the responsibility for the institutions upon the boards of trustees who are really supposed to conduct the institution. Dr. Rorick is a high class individual, a man who is high up in the medical world, as one of the leaders in institutional work for mental diseases, and his retirement from active service will come as a distinct loss to the state.

Whether the shake up presaged by the governor’s letter will include the board of trustees and the entire personnel at the local institution remains to be seen, but it is almost certain that none will be saved from the axe, so as to appease the hungry maws of the place hunters.

Source: Chillicothe Gazette, May 20, 1909.


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