Was But Chalk.

Supposed Suicide Proves a Hoax.

Frank Groover Had the Neighborhood Startled.

It is alleged that because of the repeated refusals of his [wife] to return to Dearborn and live with him, Frank Groover, while seated at his mother-in-law’s supper table Wednesday night, suddenly took a bottle of powder from his pocket, emptied it in a cup of tea and gulped down the mixture with the remark that he would end it all.

Drs. Mackinnon and Bachelor, who were called, could find no evidence of poison and decided themselves a victim of a hoax.

Mrs. Groover is the daughter of Mrs. Anna Hall, of this place, and the mother of two children. Groover is a cooper by trade but some months ago left here to work on a farm at Dearborn.

The scene of the supposed suicide was the center of attraction for all the people in that neighborhood and many a layman was mean enough to say that they thought Groover had taken no poison at all but was putting up a bluff to scare his wife.

It later transpired that Grover bought a bottle of powdered chalk from a local drug store which is doubtless the mixture which started the alarm.

Source: Oxford Leader, May 29, 1908.

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