Still Adams & Boyd

Change in a Well Known Clothing Firm—J.E. Adams Succeeded by C.A. Adams.

As will be seen by an advertisement in another column the firm of Adams & Boyd, consisting of John E. Adams and Fred N. Boyd, has been dissolved and to-morrow a new firm of Adams & Boyd begins a grand sale to close out stock.

“The king is dead; long live the king.”

The new firm of Adams & Boyd consists of Charles A. Adams and Fred N. Boyd, and George B. Adams is a silent partner. Charles A. Adams was for ten years an employee of George B. Adams in his store here, and when Mr. Adams retired from business here he went to the latter’s Newburgh store. He is popular in social circles and has had thorough business training.

Fred N. Boyd is one of this city’s best known and deservedly popular young men. He was for several years teller in the First National Bank, and sixteen months ago engaged in the clothing trade with John E. Adams. During that time he has acquired a thorough knowledge of the business in all its branches. The success of the new firm is assured in advance. C.W. Rodgers and George E. Smith will remain with the firm.

John E. Adams will announce his plans next week.

Source: Middletown Daily Argus, May 26, 1899.

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