In a Political Way (excerpt)

J.T. Rorick, manager of the Interstate Investment Company at Grand Dalles, Klickitat county, a lifelong democrat and a man of great intelligence and force, is the latest recruit to the republican ranks in that section. Mr. Rorick recently addressed a letter to the chairman of the Klickitat republican central committee, in which he gives his reason for joining with the party of sound money and progression. Since coming to the state five years ago Mr. Rorick has been prominent in the councils of the democratic party, and, while never an office-seeker, has attended all the county conventions and has been prominent in party circles. Before coming to the state he was editor of one of the influential democratic papers of Michigan.

After referring to the virtues of the old democratic party and to the degradation into which it has been dragged by the schemers in this state, Mr. Rorick closes his letter as follows:

“But, apart from this, the fusion party has committed itself to principles which are subversive of constitutional government. The right of contract and the integrity of the supreme court guaranteed is assailed.

“It has also committed itself to the single tax theory, which means, in substance, that the farmers and land-holders shall pay all the taxes, and that all personal property, including money, corporation stocks, improvements on land and everything apart from the soil itself, shall be free from taxation.

“I do not feel that I can longer remained identified with the fusionists or give them even passive assent to their doctrines, and until the democratic party in this state shall have been resurrected and have returned to its time-honored principles, I will support the party which represents sound money and a strict adherence to the principles of the constitution.”

Source: Spokane Chronicle, October 31, 1898.

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