Capt. Tyrrell Tells of Building Scheme

Capt. W.C. Tyrrell of the Tyrrell-Combest Realty Company yesterday visited the city commission rooms with a view to negotiating with city officials for the sale in Port Arthur of the lot next to the fire station.  “I want to sell this lot to the city of Port Arthur,” Capt. Tyrrell told Commissioner A.A. Poteet, “I could sell it to others, but I don’t care to.  I want the city to have it.  Let me know how much you could pay down; I’ll allow all the time needed for the rest.”  Referring to the two buildings which he proposed to build this year in Port Arthur, Capt. Tyrrell said he plans to erect the one on the site of the Lakeview first, and the one at Beaumont and Procter.  He said he has not yet arrived at any agreement with parties as to a lease of the proposed building on the Lakeview hotel site. 

Source:  Port Arthur Daily News, January 18, 1922.

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