Business & Professional Notices from the 1940s

Cecil Hallinan, Clackamas Distributing company, Oregon City, wholesaler’s beer and wholesaler’s wine licenses suspended 10 days for financial assistance to retailers. (Salem Statesman Journal, April 19, 1940)

The Waldport theater will reopen Friday evening. Operator of the theater will be S.D. Walling of the Walling circuit in valley cities. (Eugene Guard, March 30 1941)

S.D. Walling has torn off the old porch on the front of the Victory theater and built an addition in place of the porch. (Eugene Guard, September 4, 1944)

Mr. and Mrs. R. Houser of Portland are in charge of the Star Theater for a short time or until Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Walling are able to find some one to take over the work here. (Eugene Guard, July 24, 1947)

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson, son-in-law and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Walling owner of the Star Theater have assumed management of the theater in Creswell. They plan to remain in Springfield until the close of the school year after which they will move to Creswell. (Eugene Guard, February 10, 1948)


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