Short News Items from 1949

Lincoln—Mrs. Lorraine Keil of Altoona, Iowa and her sister, Mrs. J.S. Gilkey of Wheatland visited their aunt, Mrs. J.D. Walling and cousin, Mrs. Eva Purvine Monday. Mrs. Keil and Mrs. Gilkey are the former Lorraine and Mildred Frakes and formerly lived here. (Salem Statesman Journal, January 6, 1949)

Mrs. E.N. Baldwin and family spent the week end in Fayette, Ohio. On their way home they visited there son, Ned Nelson Baldwin and family at Tecumseh. (Livingston County Press, April 13, 1949)

Mrs. Lucy Fuller arrived Friday from Orlando, Fla. for a week’s visit with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Weeks. She is to go by train to Chicago Saturday to visit her brother Gaylen Cronk. Then she starts on a planned trip to Los Angeles. May 31 she takes an airplane to Hawaii. Is to be there 19 days, then on to Portland, Ore., for a 10 day stay and will visit her step son, takes train to Minneapolis and back to Chicago for a longer visit with Gaylen and wife before returning here for the remainder of the summer. (Vermontville Echo, May 12, 1949)

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Walling of Marcola; Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Walling of Eugene, and Mr. and Mrs. Art Johnson and children of Creswell, were leaving Thursday for a ten day vacation and trip to Yellowstone National Park. They will also stop in Boise, Idaho, to visit Mr. F. Walling’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Walling and the Art Johnsons are former Marcola residents. (Eugene Guard, July 2, 1949)

John Eveland is ill in Memorial Hospital. He has had several blood transfusions recently and at this writing is reported very ill. (Easton Star-Democrat, January 7, 1949) Major and Mrs. Thomas Eveland and little daughter, Margaret, returned last week from Heidelberg, Germany, and are visiting Maj. Eveland’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland and other relatives. They were met in Wilmington by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eveland and brought here. They will make their home in Queen Anne in Dr. Kurt Lederer’s apartment over his offices. (Easton Star-Democrat, September 2, 1949)

Major Thomas Eveland and family have returned from Heidelberg, Germany, where Maj. Eveland has been stationed and are now visiting relatives in the community. Their friends are very glad to welcome them back to the U.S. and Queen Anne. We understand Maj. Eveland will be stationed in Washington, D.C. for the present. (Easton Star-Democrat, September 9, 1949)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mayer and daughter Patricia of Oakdale, L.I., called on Misses Florence and Mary Sutton on Sunday. Other Sunday callers at the Sutton home were Mrs. Arthur Loder and sons Arthur and Charles of Middletown. (Middletown Times Herald, October 26, 1949)

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