Short News Items from 1944

[Ulster:] Leon Sutton and family have moved from Sayre to the Stack house on Smithfield street. (Sayre Evening Times, January 10, 1944)

John P. Rorick and daughter Mrs. Prosser Watts returned yesterday from West Point where they were guests for a week of Capt. and Mrs. Alan G. Rorick. (Adrian Daily Telegram, February 11, 1944)

Celesta Walling, who has been attending school at Monmouth this winter was here for the week end to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Walling. (Corvallis Gazette-Times, February 24, 1944)

Wesley Walling, who has been home for the past ten days on furlough from Farragut, Idaho, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Walling, Sr., returned to his naval duties Monday. (Corvallis Gazette-Times, February 24, 1944)

Miss Dorothy Mott, daughter of Congressman and Mrs. James Mott, and her fiance, Benjamin Murray Whisenand, are spending the week at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Whisenand in Bend. Mr. Whisenand recently completed his navy V-12 training at Willamette university and leaves next week for midshipman school at Notre Dame. (Salem Statesman Journal, June 28, 1944)

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