Short News Items from 1942

James Gilkey, junior at Oregon State College, is spending two weeks vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Gilkey. (Salem Statesman Journal, January 2, 1942)

Dr. and Mrs. H.W. Lundahl will leave tonight for Chicago where Dr. Lundahl will attend the meetings of the Chicago Dental Society at the Palmer House next week, and Mrs. Lundahl will visit her brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Prosser Watts and family at Glenellyn, Ill.  (Adrian Daily Telegram, February 21, 1942)

Mrs. Jay MacArthur, Jr., spent last week visiting her husband and his parents.  (Queen City Mail, April 9, 1942)

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace D. McLean of 1 Birchall Drive are vacationing at Pocono Manor.  (Scarsdale Inquirer, August 14, 1942)

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ranger entertained at dinner in their home Tuesday evening honoring her mother Mrs. C.H. Rorick in observance of her birthday anniversary.  Guests included Mr. Rorick, Mrs. Margaret Hixson, Mrs. Arthur Brewer of River Rouge and Cosper Rorick.  (Adrian Daily Telegram, August 19, 1942)

Together for the holidays are Rep. and Mrs. James W. Mott, Miss Dorothy Mott and Miss Beverly Mott. Rep. Mott arrived from Washington, D.C., recently and Miss Dorothy is visiting from the University of Oregon. They entertained Mrs. Donald Pague of Scio as their Christmas day dinner guest. Mrs. John L. Sullivan, another daughter of the couple, is spending the holidays in Delaware. (Salem Capital Journal, December 26, 1942)



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