Short News Items from 1937

Mr. and Mrs. Remmel Blankenbush and son, of New Jersey, spent the week end with Mrs. Minnie Bellas [sic]. (Wilkes-Barre Record, January 9, 1937)

Rv. James D. Bryden of South Walnut Street has returned from Green Cove Springs, Fla., where he spent a month with his son, Rev. Lewis B. Bryden and family. (Wilkes-Barre Record, March 6, 1937

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Loosley have returned to Fort Klamath after spending the winter months visiting their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Zbinden, near Klamath Falls. (Klamath Falls Evening Herald, April 9, 1937)

Zena—Lorraine Frakes Keil and daughter, Margaret, and a friend, Mrs. James Newberry, all of Tacoma, Wash., spent the past week visiting friends in this vicinity. The occupied the home of Representative and Mrs. James Mott while here. Mrs. Keil is a cousin of Mrs. Mott and Jesse Walling and resided for many years on the old Walling donation land claim which is now owned by Jesse Walling of Lincoln. Her party was extensively entertained while here. They left for Tacoma Saturday morning. (Salem Capital Journal, April 12, 1937)

Mrs. Merle Nielsen and her mother, Mrs. J.A. Armstrong, who lives with the Nielsens, were here Friday for a round of calls on old friends. Mr. Armstrong, who died at or near Burt a year ago, was a son of Dr. J.R. Armstrong, of pioneer Irvington memory. J.A. left two sons at Des Moines and one at Livermore. Mr. Nielsen has a tire shop at Spencer, and Mrs. Nielsen has a beauty shop. (Kossuth County Advance, April 13, 1937)

Duane Baldwin was in Albion Saturday attending the sporting goods show put on by his brother, Mark Baldwin, at his hardware store in that city. (Livingston County Press, April 21, 1937)

European trips are being planned by Dr. and Mrs. Francis M. Smith and Dr. and Mrs. L.W. Garth of La Jolla. Dr. and Mrs. Smith will sail in August, taking their car. They will motor through Germany, France and Belgium. At Naples they will take the boat for Cairo, where Dr. Smith will visit the university. Dr. and Mrs. Garth with their son Bill and Dr. Garth’s mother of Beaumont, Tex., will meet Miss Harle Garth at Naples, touring together before returning in time for Bill and Harle to re-enter Stanford in the fall. (Los Angeles Times, May 23, 1937)

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