Short News Items from 1933

Mr. and Mrs. Z.E. Armstrong, of Des Moines, spent the week-end with Mr. Armstrong’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Armstrong. (Kossuth County Advance, January 19, 1933)

Art Banfield of Coldwater spent Saturday night with his brother, Samuel Banfield. (Marshall Evening Chronicle, March 28, 1933)

Mr. and Mrs. Z.E. Armstrong and Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Pepper, of Des Moines and Mrs. Niel Nielson, Spencer, visited Sunday at J.A. Armstrong’s, and Mrs. Nielson wen to Des Moines with the Armstrongs. (Kossuth County Advance, April 27, 1933)

Mrs. Mae Banfield, Marian and Arthur Banfield of Coldwater were Tuesday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Francisco, and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Saylor of and children, southwest of Marshall, were Tuesday evening callers. (Marshall Evening Chronicle, June 1, 1933)

FORT KLAMATH, Ore.—Miss Lois Loosley recently underwent a tonsilectomy in Klamath Falls. She is now quite recovered and will start to school Monday. Miss Loosley is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Loosley of Fort Klamath. (The Klamath News, September 19, 1933)

Mr. Warren Sickler, who is working at Johnson City, spent the week with his parents here. He motored his mother, Mrs. Mason Sickler, and Mrs. Bert M. Thompson, to Tunkhannock on business last Saturday. (Tunkhannock New Age, October 12, 1933)

John Dilts, the veteran auctioneer of Randolph, was in town Saturday attending the sale and greeting old time friends of whom he has a large number around here. (Malvern Leader, December 28, 1933)

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