Elias D. Bostwick

Corning today mourns the death of one of its most prominent citizens, Elias D. Bostwick, who for the past 27 years has been actively identified with the progress and development of the community not only for a business standpoint but from a social and religious standpoint.

The creed of “hard work well done” made Mr. Bostwick a success despite all early handicaps. As a youngster he was forced to shift for himself and by his persistent endeavor brought himself to a place in the community occupied only by the self-made man who works hard and deals honestly with his customers and employees.

He has done much to advance the wheels of progress, aiding materially in the development of business activity and energy on which the prosperity and growth of a city always depends. He was always ready to take advantage of every opportunity for further effort and broader labor and his enterprise not only contributed to his individual success but also has been of marked value to the community in which he has made his home.

Starting in life with only a limited schooling, Mr. Bostwick by his own industry and perseverance and by rigidly adhering to the Golden Rule, was able by his genial personality, shrewd foresight and keen business acumen to become one of the leading merchants of Steuben county. In adversity he found the stimulant for added efforts and being possessed of that “never-say-die” spirit he did not know the meaning of the world “fail.”

His interest in the city of Corning was manifest in many ways. He has unselfishly given of his time to two city administrations serving on the Library Board which position he resigned last year when he was asked to serve on the Police Commission. He was one of the promoters and ardent supporters of the Chamber of Commerce and was only recently elected as a director of that organization which office he has filled on numerous occasions. As a member of Rotary, he lived its creed, “he serves most who serves best.”

A man of earnest religious convictions he has been most active in the Gospel Tabernacle here, giving not only of his time but also of money in supporting the interests of the church. He has held practically every office in the church since its inception and one of the largest Sunday School classes bears his name.

In private life Mr. Bostwick was kindly, helpful, generous and broadminded. He was a man of unblemished integrity and his influence was constantly exerted for the right. He ever sought to be useful and his death leaves a vacancy in the life of the city that will be difficult to fill.

Source: Corning Evening Leader, February 7, 1930.

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