Short News Items from 1929

Mr. and Mrs. Horton C. Rorick of Toledo, who are spending the season at the Everglades Club, entertain there frequently, and on Thursday evening at the regular dinner dance, asked a number of their friends to join them. (Palm Beach Post, February 10, 1929)

Ceilan Rorick had enjoyed a dip in the pool and was joined by Thomas Kenny and Horton C. Rorick. Mr. and Mrs. Horton C. Rorick had for dinner guests at the Everglades Sunday evening: Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rorick, Mr. and Mrs. Ceilan Rorick, Mr. and Mrs. G. Bryan Pitts, Richard McAllister and John Raskob. (Palm Beach Post, March 19, 1929)

Mr. and Mrs. Horton C. Rorick were on the beach with Miss Mary Kenny, who left them early to join the happy swimming group which included William Kenny, Thomas Kenny and John J. Raskob. (Palm Beach Post, March 26, 1929)

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Pellett from Klamath Junction spent Monday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Malvin [sic] McGrew and family. (Medford Mail Tribune, May 17, 1929)

Miss Estella Reynolds has returned to her home in Pulteney after visiting with Mr. and Mrs. John V. Stark. (Webster Herald, June 20, 1929)

Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Mueller returned Saturday from their trip to Buffalo, where Mr. Mueller attended convention, and their trip into Canada. They have been away almost a month. (Decatur Herald, July 14, 1929)

Lincoln—Members of the J.D. Walling family motored to Portland Sunday to join in birthday festivities honoring Harold Walling. Mrs. Harold Walling was hostess at a delightfully appointed birthday dinner, flowers in pastel colors being used to center the tables and in the small individual baskets at each place. Those who attended from Spring Valley wert [sic] Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Walling of Lincoln, parents of the honor guest, Mr. and Mrs. J. rFred [sic] Purvine and daughter, Marjorie, of Zena; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Walling and sons, Jesse and Ellis, of Zena, and Mrs. James Mott and daughters Dorothy and Frances, of Salem. (Salem Capital Journal, November 1, 1929)

ZENA.—Mrs. J.D. Walling of Lincoln, returned from Portland Monday after spending several days with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walling, and her daughter, Miss Gertrude Walling. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walling are leaving this week for Chicago, where he is going in the interests of the Austin Western Machinery company of which he is a salesman. Harold Walling is a Lincoln boy and is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Walling. (Salem Statesman Journal, December 3, 1929)

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