Short News Items from 1919

O.D. Tilley and J.H. Voss have been very ill with the influenza. (Twin Falls News, January 8, 1919)

Mrs. E.H. Rorick of Fayette was stricken with paralysis last Sunday afternoon. She has lost the use of her right side. (Fulton County Tribune, March 14, 1919)

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rochelle and daughter returned home Saturday to their home in Wichita after completing the new elevator at Beaver. (Hoisington Dispatch, April 17, 1919)

Mrs. Howell O. Wilson of Morenci, Michigan, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Rorick, at the Hotel Iroquois. (Buffalo Evening News, April 25, 1919)

Mrs. Lucy Reynolds celebrated her 88th birthday Tuesday, May 6. (Yates County Chronicle, May 14, 1919)

C.V. Loosley came over from Fort Klamath Saturday in his automobile to join his wife and little daughter, who had been guests of Mr. Loosley’s father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Loosley. Mr. Loosley consumed but five hours on the drive to Ashland from Fort Kamath. They returned home Wednesday. (Ashland Tidings, June 27, 1919)

In the Dahlia Bungalette for the summer are Mrs. Oliver Hollingsworth and the Misses Gladys Walling, Sarah Gilbert and Gladys Moran, all of Portland. (Oregon Daily Journal, July 13, 1919)

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