Short News Items from 1917

Edward Loosley is over from Montague for a few days, visiting G.W. Loosley and other relatives and friends. He is connected with the Loosley-Lwinell Company over in Northern California and says all kinds of prosperity exists over there. (Ashland Tidings, January 4, 1917)

Dr. Mae Rochelle returned to her home at K.C., after spending a couple of weeks with Mrs. W.P. Lynch. (Delphos Republican, January 19, 1917)

Mrs. Albert Holbein, of Dover, is visiting her sister, Miss Mary Hains, of this city. (Zanesville Times Recorder, January 31, 1917)

Conductor W.S. Bean and family are here from Laramie, Wyo. (Idaho Statesman, March 30, 1917)

Rev. and Mrs. Fuller are here visiting their daughter, Mrs. Strickland. They may spend most of the summer in this part of the country. (Tampa Tribune, May 27, 1917)

Rev. M.D. Fuller preached a most acceptable sermon Sunday morning at the M.E. Church. Rev. Fuller is a member of the Wyoming Conference and is well known throughout Florida, where he has held many appointments. (Tampa Tribune, May 27, 1917)

Raymond Loosley of Fort Klamath, son of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Loosley of this city, was married on Wednesday at Medford to Miss Willeska Roberts of Eagle Point. While on a trip to Jacksonville, Loosley’s car ran into a buggy occupied by two women, the auto tearing off a hind wheel of the vehicle. Nobody was injured. (Ashland Tidings, July 2, 1917)

Mrs. W.S. Bean, of 133 Olympia street, is suffering from an attack of sciatic rheumatism. (St. Johns Review, August 31, 1917)

Cecil Low has received an honorary discharge from the army on account of poor health, and has returned to his home. (Klamath Falls Evening Herald, October 16, 1917)

Cecil Low has gone to Redmond, where he will be employed this winter. (Klamath Falls Evening Herald, November 26, 1917)

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genung left Waverly, N.Y., on Saturday for Orlando where they will again spend the winter. They have a home here and a host of friends to welcome them. (Orlando Sentinel, December 11, 1917)


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