Business & Professional Notices from 1917

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers’ National Bank was held at the banking rooms in Sussex Tuesday afternoon. Directors elected were: Charles G. Wilson, Theodore F. Northrup, Frank Holbert, Samuel S. Vandruff, Elihu Adams, William A. Roy, James R. Kincaid, Ford W. Margarum, J. Merritt Willson. The directors organized by electing Ford W. Margarum president; Frank Holbert, cashier; and Theodore M. Holbert, assistant cashier. (Middletown Times Press, January 13, 1917)

The big store is now conducted by M.F. Loosley and sons. The three sons, Harold A., Edward and Harry R., assuming a partnership with their father dating from January 1, 1917. (Portola Sentinel, January 27, 1917)

Zelora Armstrong has sold a half interest in his auto tire shop to Clifford Dehnert. The change took effect Monday. Clifford has been working for Zelora for several months. (Kossuth County Advance, January 31, 1917)

Attorney Dallas Rorick, of Oxford Junction, was in the city last Saturday and while here rented the rooms over the Foster clothing store, which he will use as a law office. For a number of years Mr. Rorick has been considering the advisability of moving to Monticello, and has finally decided to do so. Mr. Rorick has been engaged in the practice of law for many years and is an experienced and skillful lawyer. He has been a resident of the county nearly all his life, and is well known in every section of it. He hopes to retain the greater part of the practice which he has in the south part of the county when he locates in this city. — Jones County Times. (Oxford Mirror, February 22, 1917)

The recently organized Chamberlain-McGrew Lumber company up on Wagner creek is doing considerable work. The mill has a capacity of from 15,000 to 20,000 feet per day. It is turning out box factory lumber of fine quality and have sales for every foot of it in the valley. The company roster shows the following names: Chas. McClain, Frank Chamberlain, C.A. McGrew, Chas. Lacy and J.W. Kerns. (Ashland Tidings, August 13, 1917)

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