Short News Items from 1915

T.E. Mackrell, superintendent of the C. & E., division will return Friday morning with the family on Erie train No. 7 from Warwick, N.Y., where his daughter, Miss Helen Mackrell, was buried. (Huntington Herald, January 7, 1915)

George Strickland, assistant cashier of the First National bank, left last evening for Minneapolis where he will spend today on business. (Bemidji Daily Pioneer, January 18, 1915)

Miss Merle Armstrong, teacher in one of the rural schools east of this village, last week added to her school’s equipment a new globe, several large wall maps, a dictionary holder and other smaller items. This school is well supplied with facilities for teaching the young. Miss Armstrong is to be commended on her enterprise in this matter, as the money to purchase these needed articles was earned by her school through a basket social and entertainment last fall. (Kossuth County Advance, June 9, 1915)

Misses Ada and Cleantha McConnell of Adrian autoed over to Wauseon last Wednesday to visit their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Rorick; they returned to Adrian Thursday taking Mr. and Mrs. Rorick with them. Mr. and Mrs. Rorick will attend the Rorick Family reunion at the home of C.M. Rorick, Morenci, next week before returning home. (Fulton County Tribune, June 25, 1915)

Curtis McGrew met with a very serious accident, while logging on Wagner creek last Saturday. He was alone at the time, but men were working in the woods nearby and heard his cry for help. When reach, Mr. McGrew was pinned down by three logs. He was immediately taken to Sacred Heart hospital in Medford, where it was found that one leg was badly broken and his body bruised and skinned. Mr. McGrew has a family of three children. (Ashland Tidings, July 1, 1915)

Mr. and Mrs. David Rorick and the Misses Helen and Ruth Rorick have returned from their visit to the San Francisco exposition and were accompanied back to Oceanside by Mrs. Rorick’s parents, Captain and Mrs. W.C. Tyrrell, of Beaumont, Texas. (Oceanside Register, July 2, 1915)

Miss Ada Rorick McConnell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willard McConnell, of Adrian, Mich., whose marriage to Mr. Wallace Donald McLean, of New York, will take place this evening at Christ Church, Adrian, entertained the bridal party at a Princeton dinner last evening. (Washington Post, October 2, 1915)

Sidney Rorick, retired banker of Oxford Mills, Iowa, is the guest of his father, Dave Rorick, and his nephew, David Rorick. (Oceanside Register, October 8, 1915)

Mrs. W.V. Hutchinson and daughters, Cornelia and Myradell, came down from Underwood to eat Turkey and drink Hood River cider with Father and Mother Adams and Mrs. Hutchinson’s new sister, Olive. They returned home on the Tahoma Saturday p.m. (Hood River Glacier, December 2, 1915)


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