Death Notices from 1914

Charley Armstrong, son of the late Dr. Armstrong of Irvington, died a few days ago at Santa Monica, Calif., where he moved a few years ago. A telegram to his brother, J.A. Armstrong, and one to the Kossuth County Bank brought the news of his death, but did not give the cause of it. He died in a hospital there. He was about 42 years of age and was married and had one child, a daughter. He was back here on a visit a year ago. A second telegram to his brother stated it was likely he would be buried there. (Algona Courier, October 9, 1914)

James A. Armstrong reached home last Friday from his western trip to Santa Monica, Calif., where he was called to attend the funeral of his brother Charles, lately of that city. James states that while Charles has been ailing for the past few months and had lost much weight the immediate cause of his death was acute indigestion. The end came quickly and was void of pain. Charles has many friends here who will mourn his early death. (Kossuth County Advance, October 28, 1914)

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