Short News Items from 1913

Alvin Holmes, of Mt. Zion, who suffered a stroke of paralysis a week ago, is still in a serious condition. (Wilkes-Barre Evening News, February 25, 1913)

Among the special numbers on the amateur program at the Globe theatre last night, was the “One-Man Band, and this feature certainly outstripped anything in the class secured by the Globe management for several weeks. Harry Walling, an enterprising and jovial citizen of South Salem, took the part of the solitary band and his efforts were highly appreciated by the enthusiastic audience. Mr. Walling crowded music out of about every conceivable interest known and his execution was perfect. (Eugene Daily Capital Journal, March 14, 1913)

Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Walling and baby are visiting their parents here, having had the misfortune to have their house and all its contents burned at Gates Wednesday morning. The missionary societies are helping them by sewing. (Polk County Observer, April 25, 1913)

Rev. M.D. Fuller, D.D. of Norwich, New York, will preach in the First Methodist Episcopal church at 11 A.M. tomorrow. Mrs. Edna Fuller Strickland will sing Henry Parker’s “Sundown,” accompanied by Mrs. Sanborn on violin. (Bemidji Daily Pioneer, July 12, 1913)

Dr. and Mrs. D.M. [sic] Fuller went to Minneapolis Friday where the doctor will preach in the Congregational church for the next three weeks. Dr. and Mrs. Fuller are Mrs. G.H. Strickland’s parents and expect to make Bemidji their future home although they may spend the winters in Florida. (Bemidji Daily Pioneer, August 11, 1913)

Bird Walling and family will move to Corvallis for the winter, where Miss Ethel Walling will attend the agricultural college. (Polk County Itemizer, September 25, 1913)

Miss Gertrude Walling, an O.A.C. graduate of this year, will be in charge of the commercial department of the Springfield his school. (Polk County Itemizer, September 25, 1913)

G.A. Briner, whose eye was seriously injured last Friday by a flying knot, has not been improving as fast as was hoped. Dr. Hart has made several visits to the residence during the week and on Wednesday Dr. Emmons, eye specialist from Medford, was called in also. (Ashland Tidings, October 20, 1913)

G.A. Briner was taken to the Medford hospital Monday, where he had his right eye removed. Mr. Briner’s eye was first injured by a flying knot about two weeks ago, near his sawmill. At the latest report he was getting along well. (Ashland Tidings, October 27, 1913)


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