Short News Items from 1912

Charley Armstrong has made his trip to California and has stuck his stake there and will move out ere long. He bought a lot and bungalow next door to John Smith’s, and is very much please with his purchase. Before buying he went up the state to San Francisco and to other places, but he found it too foggy up that way to suit him, and so concluded to settle in Santa Monica. He found a man who was just in the humor for selling and he got a bargain, being worth at least $3500 he got it for $2700. He says Mr. and Mrs. Smith are enjoying life in an ideal manner. They live eight blocks from the sea, and the fishing is good and Mr. Smith makes the most of it. Deer and other game may be had in the mountains five miles from there. Mr. Armstrong expects to take his sisters with him, and for a short time they will all live in the bungalow. We wish them every happiness, but are sorry they leave Kossuth county. (Algona Courier, February 9, 1912)

Alvin Holmes and family are moving from their house on Fourth street, to their farm at Mt. Zion, where they will spend the summer months. (Pittston Gazette, March 29, 1912)

A company of young folks gave Miss Helen Mackrell a house warming last evening at her home on East State street. Games, music and sociability were the features of the evening and refreshments were served. (Huntington Press, July 31, 1912)

G.A. Day and family and Miss Stella Walling have just returned from a two weeks’ outing at Bay City, Garibaldi and Bay View. They reported having lots of fishing, bathing and a general good time, but returning with more sunburn than anything else. (Salem Capital Journal, August 22, 1912)

Many outsiders, as well as residents of Yaquina, have admired Claude Toner’s new launch, the “O.A.C.” It is built of Port Orford cedar. The engine has not been installed yet but it is understood that the “O.A.C.” will take its places with the fastest boats on the bay. The launch was built by its owner, and he may well be proud of his work. (Lincoln County Leader, September 27, 1912)

Dr. Mae Rochelle of 710 Riverview, had for her guests during the holidays, Dr. and Mrs. W.E. Spense of Chicago and her mother-in-law, Mrs. N.J. [sic] Rochelle of Wichita. (Wyandotte Daily Cricket, December 23, 1912)


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