Business & Professional Notices from the Aughts

The Rapid Transit Steamboat Co., of Rainier, with a capital stock of $40,000—800 shares of the par value of $50 each—has been organized with W.E. Newsom, W.S. Buchanan and W.C. Fisher, incorporators. The object of the corporation is to do a general steamboat business on the Columbia river and its tributaries. One or more fast boats will be built in time for the 1905 fair traffic. Captain Newsom built the Iralda, and gave the people a taste of better service and cheaper fare, which culminated in a general rate war that was only settled by the opposition buying his boat outright. The first boat to be constructed by this company will be built at Rainier within the next six months. It will be built specially for burning oil. (St. Helens Mist, September 12, 1902)

F.E. Walling closed out his business here and has gone to Cottage Grove where he has a position with the Wildwood Lumber Co. (Newburg Graphic, July 26, 1906)

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