Short News Items from 1907

J.J. Walling, who is basking in the sunshine of Los Angeles, Cal., has sent us a souvenir card where he is pictured on a purple pig, under which is inscribed, “I am on the hog.” Jesse, we think when this comes to pass that you had better come home and sell Nampa real estate. However, our check book is at you’re your service, Mr. Walling.—Nampa Recorder. (Caldwell Tribune, January 5, 1907)

Mrs. Eva Walling Larmer, who has been visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bird Walling, has returned to her home in Salem. (Polk County Observer, January 18, 1907)

Mrs. Bertha Rorick, the Morenci Telegram correspondent, is ill, and Mrs. Pearl Fairbanks is corresponding for Mrs. Rorick for a short time.   (Adrian Daily Telegram, June 26, 1907)

Mrs. W.L. Barclay, of Detroit, has opened her Bay View cottage and is enjoying the summer there. (Detroit Free Press, July 14, 1907)

Linton B. Sutton, accompanied by his wife and boy and mother, Mrs. J.P. Sutton, were in town for a few days last week. Mr. Sutton is just back from the Transvaal, South Africa, where he has been following his profession as a mining engineer. Lin does not grow old much, only his forehead has extended nearly to the nape of his neck by the loss of his luxuriant blond hair, which changes his appearance very much, but looks happy and prosperous. He will not return to Africa, at least not for the present. (Cheboygan Democrat, July 26, 1907)

William L. Barclay and wife and Mrs. Joseph Ayres of Detroit are spending a few weeks at Bay View.  (Detroit Free Press, July 28, 1907)

W.C. McConnell and daughter, Cleantha, went to Toledo this morning, where Miss Cleantha joins her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Rorick, of Wauseon, and her sister, Miss Ada McConnell, for a few days at Cedar Point, Mr. McConnell returning home.  (Adrian Daily Telegram, August 2, 1907)

Miss Stella Walling was seriously injured in a runaway accident at her father’s ranch near Boise. (Lewiston Evening Teller, August 7, 1907)

W.C. [sic] Newsom, manager of the Falls City Electric Company, and his son, A.J. Newsom, were business visitors in Dallas yesterday.  (Polk County Observer, September 10, 1907)


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