Large Estate Left To Wife

Father of Attorney W.S. Casterlin Made Money as a Farmer

One will was filed yesterday in the office of the register of wills, disposing of a large estate consisting of several thousands of dollars of real estate, while letters of administration were issued in another which was of much smaller value.

According to the will of Asa Casterlin, who died on July 30 at his home at Franklin township, all of the estate, both real and personal, is left to his wife, Mary Casterlin. She is to have the full use of the estate so long as she remains unmarried.

Should she marry again, then the estate is to be divided among the heirs of the deceased, one of whom is Attorney W.S. Casterlin, of this city. The wife is named as the sole executrix. The real estate of which the deceased died possessed is worth $10,000 and the personal estate is valued at $1,200.

Letters of administration were granted yesterday in the estate of Thomas Mimis, who died on Aug. 1 at his late home in Swoyersville, to Elizabeth Mimis, his widow. The deceased left to survive him besides his widow three minor children, Thomas, Isaac and Mary. His estate is valued at $1,000.

Source: Wilkes-Barre News, August 9, 1906.

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