Rev. M.D. Fuller, D.D.

Rev. M.D. Fuller, D.D., who is now serving his fifth year as pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Jermyn, was born near Deckertown, N.J. After a preparatory education in the public schools there he entered Milford Academy at Milford, this State, and afterwards became a student in a private school in Warren county, New Jersey.

At about this time the Civil War broke out, and though he was only 16 years of age in 1861, left school to enlist in the Union army, from which he was honorably discharged on July 12, 1865, after four years of distinguished services as a member of the late Governor Henry M. Hoyt’s Fifty-second Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers. He distinguished himself in the siege of Charlestown, South Carolina, where for months his regiment was under fire from the Southern troops. For his bravery in this siege he was promoted to the rank of sergeant, an office which he held at the time of his discharge.

After the war Dr. Fuller taught school for one year in Pike county. In 1869 he entered the ministry and accepted a pastorate at Herrick Centre. Since then he has had charges at Hale’s Eddy, Lake Como, Damascus, Skinner’s Eddy, in Wyoming county; Ashley, Wyoming, in North Scranton and Owego, N.Y. This is his fifth year as pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Jermyn. His three last pastorates were each of five years duration.

Dr. Fuller has had only one broken pastorate since he came into the Wyoming Conference thirty-six years ago. He feels proud of the fact that there are four men now in the ministry of the Wyoming Conference who were converted by him and became clergymen. They are: Rev. James Benninger, Ph.D., of this city; Rev. Egbert Kilpatrick, of Peckville; Rev. J.H. Littell, of Cooperstown, N.Y., and Rev. William Tuaner, of LaCrosse, Wis.

Source: The Scranton Truth, September 10, 1904.

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