Thumb Nail Sketches

No. 33 Judge E.S.B. Sutton

Judge E.S.B. Sutton is known as the small man who smokes large cigars. Mr. Sutton knows a good cigar when he sees it, and insists on smoking the best Havanas local dealers keep in stock. The judge doesn’t own any stock in the Standard Oil company, but when he puts a fresh cigar in his mouth, tips back in his chair and rests his feet on his desk, he takes about as much comfort as any man in the country.

Mr. Sutton was born in famous Oakland county, where they grow gubernatorial candidates and cucumber pickles. When but a small lad he learned how to “look wise,” followed this up with a law course and thus developed into a full fledged lawyer. He came to the Soo many years ago and by steady work has risen to a high position in legal circles.

When the “Thumbnail” man went to Mr. Sutton and asked him to “cough up” a little information about himself he said he didn’t care much about getting his picture in the paper. This sounded strange, for the judge is really a good looking man. The judge somehow reminds one of Boston, that city of high foreheads and spectacles, the town whose map looks more like a spider’s web than anything else. He is a good dresser, always appearing in the latest style clothing, always “brushed up,” as the old saying goes.

The judge has lived in the Soo so long that the town would not seem natural without him. At every term of court for many years he has been on hand to lead the fight in one or more cases, always with a choice line of argument to prove the justice of his client’s cause and that the “other feller” planned to impose on the wisdom of the wise men in the jury box. He is a great arguer, chock full of whys and wherefores and ready to contest a case to the last ditch. And it does one good to watch him fight, as he appears as a pigmy among giants. The giants do not always win, which goes to show that a real short man may be long on legal lore.

Source: Sault Ste. Marie Evening News, September 1, 1904.

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