Short News Items from 1903

Albert Holbein, of Perry street, has removed to the Henry Munson place near Ellis station. (Zanesville Times Recorder, February 25, 1903)

Lorin Walling has been sorely afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism. (Polk County Itemizer, July 3, 1903)

Mr. T.R. Kelly, wife and boy have been spending a generous portion of the hot weather in the canyon, literally wallowing in the delights of nature. (Springville Independent, August 6, 1903)

T.R. Kelly presented a fine bust to the Lincoln school, last Monday. It is a piece of elegant art work, and is a typical Indian head. (Springville Independent, September 10, 1903)

Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Kelly spent the latter part of last week in Salt Lake visiting friends. The doctor was hobnobbing with the medical fraternity, being put wiser on bacteriological lines. He can now tell a typhoid from a diptheria [sic] microbe on the jump. (Springville Independent, September 17, 1903)

There will be an oyster supper at R.T. Shipman’s Nov. 27, for the minister, Mr. Houghton. (Van Ettenville Valley Breeze, November 20, 1903)

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