Business and Professional Notices from 1903

T.R. Kelly, has opened a wall paper and paint room in connection with his drug store, which contains a large and excellent stock of paper in the newest designs, and paint of every shade and color, and the best in the market. (Springville Independent, April 23, 1903)

SPRAYING CASE.—The case against Enos Walling, who was charged by the deputy horticultural inspector with failing to spray his trees, was yesterday dismissed in the probate court, as Mr. Walling is now spraying his trees and that is all the authorities desire.  (Idaho Statesman, May 9, 1903)

Jesse Walling while in the city a few days ago told The Tribune that there was great rejoicing in Nampa over the purchase of the Ridenbaugh canal. He further said that Mr. Dewey would enlarge and improve the canal, bringing a large tract of land under an irrigation system.  (Caldwell Tribune, June 27, 1903)

The application of Eben E. Walling for the cancellation of the taxes for the years 1900 and 1901 on the e hf of sw qr of 4-18-41 was granted on account of error in the assessment. (Colfax Gazette, July 17, 1903)

Samuel Young has taken a position for the time being with the Chappell Furnace company and will continue to represent E.B. Rorick & Co. in the sale of American fence, which he has handled for some years in Ogden.  (Adrian Daily Telegram, August 29, 1903)

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