Lawrenceville Badly Scorched

Woman’s Target Practice Accountable for $30,000 Blaze Last Night—Wing Bostwick, Eaton & Son and Spring are the Losers.

At 11:50 last night fire broke out in Spring’s bakery and millinery store in Lawrenceville, caused by a woman throwing a lighted lamp at her husband’s head, and spread rapidly to the brick store of Wing & Bostwick on the corner, and the adjacent flour and feed store of Easton & Son, all of which were consumed with most of the contents, including Bell Telephone exchange.

The loss approximates $30,000. Had there been an adequate water supply, the heavy loss would probably have been in part averted. The buildings were well insured, and Wing & Bostwick had $21,300 on stock and fixtures in the Hoard agency, this boro.

Source: Mansfield Advertiser, December 24, 1902.

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