Big Fire Last Night

Lawrenceville Badly Scorched and Loss Heavy.

Wing & Bostwick’s Corner and Adjoining Buildings Burned.

There was a big fire at Lawrenceville early this morning. It is impossible as we possible as we go to press to get particulars by telephone as wires are burned.

The fire started in the general store of Wing & Bostwick. This building, which is of brick and stone, was destroyed, also the old Darling block and the general store of N. Eaton & Son.

This wipes out the business center and the principal stores in Lawrenceville. It is a serious blow to the borough.

As we go to press it is impossible for the owners of the buildings or stocks to form any estimate of their losses.

It is reported that the fire started from a lamp explosion some time after midnight.

Source: Wellsboro Agitator, December 24, 1902.

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