Mountain Lions.

REDDING.—Mrs. A. F. Dobrowsky, the young and pretty wife of a local jeweler, killed two mountain lions on Sunday at Bear mountain, distant twenty miles. The man an4 his wife are ardent sportsmen. They go every Sunday into the woods, but last Sunday she killed her first mountain lion.

She was alone on the mountain side when she was attracted by the baying of her hound. She found he had a large panther up a tree.- As she prepared to shoot at it she saw a second lion looking hungrily at her through the thick foliage. Just then her husband came up, attracted by the noise of the dog. At the count of three the two rifles rang out and the two tawny brutes fell to the earth, mortally wounded.

As they rolled in their death struggles Mrs. Dobrowsky saw a third mountain lion higher up in the tree than its fellows had been. She killed it with one ball. The smallest lion measured five feet.

Source: Santa Cruz Morning Sentinel, July 23, 1902.

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