Short News Items from 1900

Another grand wolf hunt came off last Saturday. One wolf was cited but the hunters failed to serve their subpoenas on him. Wat Rorick has it in for some near-sighted nimrod who shot him in the lip. (Caldwell News, January 25, 1900)

If this spring-like weather continues Wat Rorick will soon be wending his way to the river with his fishing tackle. (Caldwell Advance, January 25, 1900)

W.M. Toner and family went out to Salem Thursday to visit with relatives. We wish them a pleasant visit. (Lincoln County Leader, March 2, 1900)

Lost—A pension paper on the streets. The finder will please leave at this office and a liberal award will be given.—Horace Lateer. (Port Jervis Tri-States Union, June 22, 1900)

Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Search, of Indianapolis, are visiting relative in the city. Mr. Search was formerly employed as car inspector in this city and is well known among the railroad men. (Zanesville Times Recorder, July 23, 1900)

Alfred Toner was the happy recipient of a brand-new bicycle. (Lincoln County Leader, August 10, 1900

William Toner and son Alfred went to the valley Monday. (Lincoln County Leader, August 10, 1900)

D.A. Baxter is back from his camping expedition. (Idaho Statesman, August 23, 1900)

Bart Fletcher and Watt Rorick are wearing the fish belt. They caught 7 bass one day last week which weighed 18 pounds—one tipping the scale at 4¾ pounds. (Caldwell Advance, November 22, 1900)

William Toner and family of Yaquina came through last Saturday morning en route to the valley. They are visiting relatives and friends at Salem and other points. (Lincoln County Leader, November 23, 1900)

J.J. Walling has completed his home west of town, and he will move his household goods in next week. (Idaho Statesman, December 8, 1900)

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