In Canada’s Free Homestead Lands.

Wetaskiwin, Alta., April 5th, 1898.

W.F. McGreary, Govt. Immigration Commissioner, Winnipeg. Dear Sir:—I like the country very much so far; have seen a great number of farmers from the states and every one seen so far says they have done well and like it here far better than where they came from, and all claim it to be the best country for a poor man that they were ever in, and with good crops this season I predict a great rush. There are some nice claims to be had yet, but will not last the summer through. I do not find it any colder than in Iowa and am feeling much better than when I left here March 1st. I think this is a great country for those who are suffering with throat and lung troubles. I have seen men that had as high at 51½ bushels wheat per acre and near 100 bushels oats, but they weigh from 45 to 51 pounds per bushel, but the general run is 25 to 50 wheat, 50 to 75 oats, and stock looking fine; some cattle running out were nearly in market flesh. I expect to return to the states late this fall for stock, etc.; will write you when I want to go. Thanking you all for past favors, I remain, most respectfully yours.

(Signed) Dr. D.E. Strevell.

Source: Glenwood Opinion-Tribune, February 23, 1899. (This letter also appeared in many other newspapers throughout the country.)

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