Business & Professional Notices from 1897

The deputy sheriff left Saturday with “Bub” Lantern for the Athens Hospital, at which institution he was taken on a writ of lunacy. Sheriff Stone after some telegraphing persuaded Doctor Rorick to accept Lantern who really has a violent form of epileptic insanity. (Athens Messenger and Herald, February 11, 1897)

H.K. Wood, formerly of Warwick, will open a café in the Carey building on Depot street shortly. (Middletown Daily Argus, June 8, 1897)

W.M. Toner has a sample of the Rock Creek granite that he has had ground and polished. The sample is surprising. It takes a handsome polish, the faces being as smooth as glass and the edges almost as sharp. There can be no question about the value of this granite. When this ledge is opened up to some reasonable means of transportation this granite will speedily become a valuable and much used building material. (Lincoln County Leader, July 15, 1897)

Fred Witternstrom has some fine finished samples of granite from W.M. Toner’s quarry on Rock Creek. (Lincoln County Leader, July 22, 1897)

J.P. [sic] Rorick and Chas. Dietzel have returned from Saginaw, Mich., where they were called as witnesses in the case of the commonwealth against O.D. Taylor. (The Dalles Times-Mountaineer, October 30, 1897)

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