Short News Items from 1895

Mr. and Mrs. John Casterline, of Scranton, and Joseph Casterline, of Orange, were calling on Joseph McRill yesterday. (Scranton Tribune, March 14, 1895)

Mrs. John Rorick went through with the second operation last Tuesday and had removed from her breast and under the arm thirty cancers, some being no larger than a bean and others as large as a hen’s egg. Dr. Rorick performed the operation. Mrs. Rorick is far better than could be expected. (Adrian Daily Telegram, May 28, 1895)

The little child of Mr. J.T. Rorick at North Dalles is quite sick with typhoid fever. (The Dalles Daily Chronicle, August 2, 1895)

Morenci Observer: Casper Rorick had planned to make a trip Tuesday to supply the family larder with the necessary amount of apples for winter’s use, but Mrs. R., with that tact and finesse peculiar to the ladies, induced him to delay going. He understood why she was so desirous of having him remain at home, when a score of relatives appeared there before the noon hour, and with a big dinner and general jollity was Mr. Rorick’s 57th birthday celebrated. (Adrian Daily Telegram, October 12, 1895)

3 thoughts on “Short News Items from 1895

  1. I think I left a comment writing that I thought this was John Conklin Rorick’s wife but I din’t think it is. It could be my grandmother Bertha Rorick (Mrs. John Rorick) but I don’t known. I have no family stories about cancer. I wonder what you might think about this, Carol.


    1. You left a comment on the post about her first operation which was a year or two earlier. I think this is Katie Strobeck, who married the John Rorick who was the son of John E. Rorick and Mary Wintermute. She died in 1901 “after a long illness,” and I think that these operations were likely the start of that long illness.


    2. By coincidence, Katie’s death certificate popped up as a hint for me on Ancestry last night. It lists the cause of death as breast cancer, so I’m even more convinced that this is here.


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