Short News Items from 1894

Mr. and Mrs. Horton Rorick, of Toledo, were here today enroute to their old home in Seneca for a visit. Mrs. Rorick is just convalescing from a run of typhoid fever. Their little baby, who has been ill at the home of Dr. Bennett, of Detroit, came over this morning with Mrs. Riddle of Cleveland and together the party took the Wabash for Seneca. (Adrian Daily Telegram, October 17, 1894)

Dr. Rorick, of Fayette, Dr. Blair, of Morenci, and Dr. Perkins, of this place, met at the home of John Rorick last Monday morning to remove a cancerous growth for Mrs. Rorick. It is understood that the operation was very successfully performed. Her sympathizing friends are hopeful of a speedy recovery. (Adrian Daily Telegram, November 13, 1894)

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