Breese Family Reunion

On Wednesday, August 15, there was held at the home of Lyman Jackson in Horseheads a reunion of the Breese family in honor of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Rorick of Ohio. About 150 guests were present. Dinner was served on the lawn and all spent a very enjoyable day. Ulysses Breese was appointed chairman and the following officers were elected for the purpose of holding a reunion each year: Miles Breese, Horseheads, Chairman; Lyman Jackson, first vice president; Mrs. Harriet Wilcox, Caton, N.Y., E.B. Rorick, Michigan, J.C. Rorick, Ohio; Miss Ada Lutz, Elmira; Myron Breese, Breeseport; Miss Mattie Minar, Southport, and Will Gilbert, Pennsylvania, vice presidents; Miss Carrie Dean, Horseheads, secretary; Miss Belle Breese, Horseheads, treasurer.

John Breese came to Horseheads in 1789 and settled, building the first Breese home very near the place where Mr. Jackson now lives.

Source: Elmira Daily Gazette and Free Press, August 17, 1894.

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