Business & Professional Notices from 1891

Morgan Brothers of this place who secured the contract for the new town hall sub-let the wood work part of the building yesterday to S.A. Genung, the builder who refused to take the contract after it had been given him. The work of tearing down the building is being rapidly pushed, the fire tower having been taken down today. (Elmira Gazette, June 17, 1891)

The Woodbury Business college has added a telegraphic department. Mr. William Rorick, an operator in the Santa Fe offices, has been engaged as superintendent. (Los Angeles Daily Herald, July 19, 1891)

Mart [sic] Rorick, of Seneca, Lenawee county, turned a valuable 4-year trotting mare into a field on Sunday morning, which was enclosed by a wire fence. In attempting to jump the fence, she caught a shoe in the wire, causing her to fall and break her neck. She had won numerous races in the locality during the past season, and was a mare of much promise. (Jackson Citizen Patriot, October 13, 1891)

John C. Rorick is a credit to the Republican ticket. His life needs no comment. His sterling worth and integrity, his progressiveness, his generosity, his public spiritedness are well known beyond the borders of his own county. (Perrysburg Journal, October 31, 1891)

2 thoughts on “Business & Professional Notices from 1891

  1. What do you make of the notice of Mark Rorick of Seneca about his horse breaking its neck? Do you think this is my great grandfather? I never heard this story. Of course he had horses at the Seneca farm. The spelling of his first name is questionable as you noted. I cannot find any other Mark Roricks in Seneca or Seneca Twp at this time.



    1. I do think that this would be your great-grandfather, since I think he would have been the only Mark alive and in Lenawee County in 1891. Those old newspapers were rife with misspellings, so I think it is “Mark” not “Mart”.


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