Short News Items from 1888

J.W. McGrew, of Perrydale, and his brother, Lou, of Eastern Oregon, have gone to Los Angeles, Cal., for the brother’s health. It is feared he has that dread disease consumption. (Oregon Statesman Journal, March 22, 1888)

Watt Rorick sold the best car load of wheat that has been brought to the city this fall, so the grain merchants say, and got the best price for in, 80½ cents a bushel. Watt has been extremely lucky. (The Caldwell News, September 26, 1888)

Watt Rorick, clerk in the post office book store, started for his old home in Wisconsin last night. from appearances, it is supposed that Mrs. Rorick will accompany him back. (The Caldwell News, October 10, 1888)

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