Short News Items from 1884

Mrs. J.W. Linderman from Detroit, is visiting her brother J.P. Sutton. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, March 20, 1884)

The friends and relatives of Mrs. John S. Alling, assembled at her home on the evening of March 24th to celebrate the anniversary of her 59th birthday. Among those present were Mrs. James Casterline, Mr. James Casterline and wife, and Mr. Ada [sic] Casterline of Franklin; Mrs. Wm. Winters and daughter of Plymouth; Mrs. Housted and son of Dallas; Mr. Jones, of Wilkes-Barre, and Ira M. Lewis and wife of West Pittston. The presents were of the useful kind, and were highly appreciated by Mrs. Alling. At a suitable hour supper was served, which all enjoyed. Mrs. Alling is the daughter of Rev. Oliver Lewis, well and favorably known as one of the pioneers of early Methodism. (Pittston Evening Gazette, March 31, 1884)

Will H. Rorick has been treating his friends to some fine maple sugar sent him by relatives in Michigan. (Caldwell Advance, April 10, 1884)

Mrs. William L. Barclay and Mrs. Hill are at Mackinac Island, and have taken up quarters at the popular resort for the summer. (Detroit Free Press, July 6, 1884)

Miss Gertie Sutton, of Oakland county arrived Tuesday evening, for a visit with the family of her uncle, J.P. Sutton. Gertie has many friends in Cheboygan, who will be glad to meet her again. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, July 24, 1884)

LOST–$30 reward if alive or $15 if dead, for a small Esquimaux dog, answering to the name of Donnie. Has white hair on head, breast and legs; rest of body naked. Black eyes and nose. Any one returning him to JOSEPH AYRES, Romeo, Mich., from which place he was lost, or will give any information that will lead to his recovery, as above mentioned, will receive the reward. (Detroit Free Press, September 6, 1884)

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