Short News Items from 1883

J.P. Sutton accompanied to Orion the remains of his brother whose death occurred last Sunday night at the residence of his sister Mrs. J.W. Linderman. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, January 6, 1883)

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Linderman returned from Newberry Wednesday night. Mr. Linderman has the new hotel at that station completed as far as the carpenter work is concerned. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, March 17, 1883)

“Doctor” Nelson Walling, formerly connected with the County Hospital, got back this morning from his winter visit to Boise City. (Wood River Times, April 20, 1883)

Linton B. Sutton is studying law with his uncle, E.S.B. Sutton, at Sault Ste. Marie. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, June 2, 1883)

Amos Sutton, cousin of Judge Sutton, arrived in the village Wednesday, and is visiting the judge and his wife. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, June 16, 1883)

Frank M. Linderman, formerly of this village, now of Chicago, arrived Thursday evening for a visit with his mother. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, July 7, 1883)

Mrs. J.W. Linderman returned home on the Van Raalte Monday from the Sault where she has been visiting her brother, E.S.B. Sutton. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, July 21, 1883)

Mrs. J.W. Linderman left Tuesday night, by rail, for Detroit, where she will spend the winter with her husband who is superintending the carpenter work in the new Michigan Central depot. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, September 22, 1883)

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