Untitled (J.P. Sutton)

As is well known to most of our citizens, J.P. Sutton since the first week in July, has been doing more or less business as justice of the peace, upon the strength of a certificate of election signed by C.A. Gallagher, chairman of the board of inspectors at the spring election in the township of Benton. Recently Wm. Hudson was arrested for some offense, and was tried before would-be justice Sutton, and by him committed to jail. Wednesday, upon petition by F.H. Fife as attorney, a writ of habeas corpus was issued in behalf of Hudson, and a hearing had before Circuit Court Commissioner Frost, and the prisoner discharged upon the showing made by his attorney that Mr. Sutton was not legally acting, not having been elected to the office. The result has been that two others have commenced suit against Mr. Sutton and Marshall Paquette for false imprisonment, both having been committed under similar circumstances, and we understand that other suits are likely to follow.

Source: Cheboygan Northern Tribune, August 26, 1882.

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