Short News Items from 1881

Joseph Ayres, of Bruce, a member of the board of supervisors for the past 25 years, has been presented with a gold headed cane by his fellow members of the board. (Port Huron Times Herald, March 8, 1881)

E.S.B. Sutton, of Sault Ste. Marie, Judge of Probate for Chippewa county, arrived in the village about 11 o’clock Wednesday night, making the trip from the Sault here in 24 hours. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, March 27, 1881)

E.S.B. Sutton came down on the Ste. Marie Thursday and spent the night in this village. He left yesterday via the inland route on his way to visit his sister, Mrs. D.W. Bennett. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, June 18, 1881)

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