Letter from Dave Rorick

A letter from Dave Rorick, an old Kansan, now residing near San Francisco, dated April 16th, says the coast is now afflicted with a drought to as severe an extent as Kansas ever was.  As an illustration of the pinching times he cites the fact that fine-wool sheep are in the market at a shilling a head, and other surplus stock at like rates.  The wheat crop will be very short in all parts of the state, and in some parts none at all.  San Francisco is the heart of the whole coast and particularly the only part of the whole that has any life in it at all.  The mines are not yielding the usual amount of ore.—Atchison Patriot.

Mr. Rorick was one of the former owners and publishers of the Times, well known to most of our readers.

Source:  St. Marys Democrat, May 11, 1877.

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