Mr. Walling’s Early Plum

The above representation of a very extraordinary plum produced at the nursery of Mr. Geo. W. Walling — ripe specimens of which were bro’t to this city some three weeks ago — was prepared and published sometime since in the Oregon Farmer.  The representation is a fair one — not larger than specimens we have seen.  We understand that scions of this Plum, when they were received from the States by Mr. Walling, were labeled “Peach Plum.”  The fruit does not answer the description of that variety of the Plum, as found in Downing’s work on Fruits.  It is larger, much earlier, and claims to be a freestone.  We do not consider it, in quality, as one of the best plums, but it is valuable as an early fruit.  We suppose Mr. W. has a stock of young trees, of this variety of Plum, for sale at his nursery, near the mouth of the Clackamas.  (Weekly Oregonian, August 4, 1860)


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