Mrs. Rochelle Happily Surprised

Mrs. Ida Rochelle, of the Lakeview hotel, was happily surprised yesterday afternoon in honor of her birthday anniversary. The afternoon hours were devoted to bridge and attractive prized were won by Mrs. C.J. McCarty and Mrs. E. Crowell. At six o’clock the guests sat down to a most delectable dinner. The guests from Hamilton were Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Rochelle, Mr. and Mrs. William Rochelle, Mrs. Anna Jacobs, Mrs. James Wente, Mrs. C.J. McCarty, Mrs. Nellie Evans, Mrs. Charles Roberts and Mr. John Heigle. From Norwood were, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kegel and son, George, Mr. and Mrs. James Myers and son, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. C. Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. E. Crowell and daughters, Shirley May, Elva and Florence, Miss Thelma Connor, Miss Laura MacMillan, and Mrs. Harry Ballard. From St. Louis, Mrs. Jack Lawler. The hostess was remembered by a number of handsome gifts.

Source: Hamilton Daily News, February 8, 1924.

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