T.R. Kelly Of Canton Writes Of Experiences

“We always think of the old home town and the old friends and have concluded that the best way to keep in touch with them was to get the paper regularly,” writes T.R. Kelly, district manager of the Maccabees Great Camp for Ohio, who is now situated at Canton, Ohio.

Mr. Kelly lived in Springville for a number of years and conducted a drug store here. He also taught school in this city, and has a great many friends who will be glad to hear of him.

Continuing Mr. Kelly writes:

“It might be of interest to know that we are enjoying our stay in Ohio very much. The country is beautiful and full of interest to all of us. We are extremely busy and consequently happy. My work includes the eastern part of the state and gives an opportunity for trips to points of interest that are most enjoyable. We have made weekend trips to Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo and Niagara Falls as well as to many other places of more local interest. One visit that interested me very much was to Kirkland, Ohio, where the first temple built by the Latter-day Saints still stands in excellent preservation. It is a veritable mecca, for scarcely a day passes that someone from Utah, or workers in the mission field do not stop to get inspiration from this truly beautiful and wonderful of building. The day before my visit at Kirtland Dr. George Brimhall and party camped over night on the temple grounds. A short time ago we had the pleasure of a visit from one of our Springville boys, Nephi Dowdell, who is located in Marion, Ohio. Like most of our energetic and intelligent boys, Nephi is making good.

“Louise graduated from Mount Union College in June and plans to enter the Prince School in Boston, Mass., in September. Maurice will enter Mount Union College as a freshman this year.

“The wonderful industrial development of this section has been a revelation to me. Here in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania is the world center the steel and iron industry, and here also are the largest potteries in the world. Here too is such a mixture and mingling of races and nationalities as would make the Tower of Babel look like a Sunday School class. We will look forward to the coming of your paper.”

Source: Springville Herald, August 20, 1926.

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