Leaves $45,000 to Institutions

Mrs. Matilda Barclay’s Will Disposes of Property Valued at $230,000.

Bequests totaling more than $45,000, in which religious and welfare societies are the beneficiaries, were disposed of in the will of Matilda F. Barclay, who died August 21, 1921, at the age of 79 years. The will, dated February 8, 1918, was filed for probate Tuesday. The real estate set forth was valued at more than $230,000. More than $50,000 in personal property was included.

Bequests of $5,000 each was given to: The First Protestant society, as an endowment fund; the Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian church; the Board of Ministerial Relief of the Presbyterian church; Park college, of Parkville, “for endowment for young men who decided to enter the ministry”; the Y.W.C.A. and the Y.M.C.A.

To the Children’s Free hospital and the Florence Crittenton home were given $2,000 each; Earnest Ketcham, former business manager for Mrs. Barclay, was named executor, and Lucy Augusta Billings was named executrix. Ketcham was given $5,000.

To the husband, William L. Barclay, was left the Bay View, Mich., home. The will specifies that a sister-in-law, Johanna B. Sutton, shall have the care of the husband at his home at 85 East Ferry street. At his death, the property is to go to Lucy A. Billings and her daughter, Edna Ayres Billings, and to Mrs. Sutton, a niece, Mrs. Caroline Wilkinson and her daughter.

Specific requests of $15,000 each were given to Caroline E. Wilkinson, Tilla Barclay Wilkinson, Lucy Augusta Billings, Edna Ayres Billings and Johanna B. Sutton. There were a number of other bequests of a personal nature to other relatives.

Source: Detroit Free Press, September 21, 1921.

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