88th Anniversary Is Party Occasion

LINCOLN—Mrs. J.D. Walling and Mrs. Alvin Walling were hostesses at the J.D. Walling home for a pleasant surprise party complimenting Mrs. Celia Walling on her 88th birthday anniversary. Mrs. Seymour played piano selections during the social afternoon and Mrs. Jesse Walling of Zena assisted in serving.

The Goodwill club of which Mrs. Wallis is a member presented her with a lovely birthday cake and she received numerous gifts.

The guest list included Mrs. Celia Walling, her niece Mrs. Bernice Girard of Forest Grove, Miss Letitia Abrams, Mrs. Carrol Hunt and small son, Mrs. Mary Miller and Mrs. John M. Spong, all of Salem; Mrs. Seymour Wilson, Spring Valley; Mrs. D.R. Rubie, Miss Jeanne Smith, Mrs. Joe Hackett, Mrs. H.J. Neiger, Mrs. L. Mickey, Lincoln; Mrs. Jesse Walling and the hostesses.

Source: Salem Statesman Journal, January 27, 1938.



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